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Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!
Saturday, April 16, 2016
Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!

A couple months ago I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Amanda and Matt's wedding over in Te Anau.  I'd previously shot Amanda before when she was a bridesmaid for Lauren, who I also go to photograph again (for about the 3rd time actually) at this wedding.  This made my job easier, but also more of a challenge.  It was easier because I already knew some of these guys, so there was little shyness and they already felt relaxed around me.  But it was also more of a challenge because it meant I had to come up with some new material to make them laugh that I hadn't already used at the other wedding.  Lucky for me I didn't have to think to hard though because ...

Charlotte & Lukus - Stunning Riverton!!
Tuesday, April 05, 2016
Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!

I've been waiting a while to shoot and blog this wedding.  However the blogging part has been delayed due to a nasty tummy bug.  On the mend now though, and just as well as I head off to to climb Mt Taranaki in the weekend!! Anyway, I booked Charlotte and Lukus's wedding AGES ago.  Like before last wedding season ages ago.  And I first got to meet them when they were both in the bridal party of another wedding I shot.  Booking so far out I knew that Charlotte would be super organised and have all the little details under control.  Well, with over 700 photos delivered I think it shows there were many details for me to capture, and their wedding was such a ...

Nicola & Rob - Married at last!!
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!

Ok before I start.  If you are looking at this on your phone, please please please swap over to your computer, or iPad.  There are far toooooo many photos in this blog for you to view on your phone.  They need to be big and in your face so you can see exactly how AWESOME this wedding was.I also have very few other words to say about this wedding.  Rob was very well behaved, Nicola looked absolutely stunning, and the bridal party was such a laugh.  I've known pretty much everyone in this blog for years.  Most of us went to school together, ball's together, and even the odd party together.  Probably in my woolshed even.  And I could go on and on and get ...

Once upon a time...
Monday, March 21, 2016
Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!

...There was an amazing group of Central Otago suppliers who all got together to put on a stunning styled wedding shoot.  There were all the beautiful little details that any bride could dream of.  And I was luck enough to have the opportunity to capture it all.I have been sitting on these images for so so long, and now they have been published in Bride and Groom Magazine I can finally share them with you all.  A massive shout out has to be made to all the following suppliers who made it all possible.Images in this blog - Still Waters Photography (me)Road to Beauty - Hair and Makeup by Deirdre ReadOrbis - Jewellery/Wedding Accessories - Helen MayAstra Bridal - Wedding Dress ...

Phillip + Shae = LOVE!!!
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!

I've done a massive number of weddings now.  Like probably over 70 I'd say.  But this wedding right here has to be up there as one of the most beautifully styled weddings I have had the pleasure of capturing.  Phillip and Shae have such an eye for detail, and it truly shone through on their wedding day.  They didn't let the fact that there was silly wet stuff falling from the sky ruin their day, and in true Southland style they just pushed on and got on with it.  The rain quickly cleared not long after the ceremony so luck was seriously on their side for the bridal party photos.  After all, what better backdrop is there for photos when you are choppered up ...

Ash and Brad - My kind of people!!
Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!

This blog has been a long time in the making.  I am running SUPER behind on blogging all of my weddings, and life just seems to be getting in the way.  My 4 year old knocked her front tooth out in the weekend (which wasn't even wiggly yet), I'm training to climb an actual mountain, there have been sooooo many fab weddings I've been out shooting, and to top it all off I still have to do the washing and cook tea every night... So thank you all for sticking with me.Ash and Brad married on a bright sunny Central Otago day.  They'd made the trip over from Oz, where they are both working now, so I am glad little old NZ put on some cracker weather to give them an awesome welcome ...

Bridgit & Matt - Stunning Sophistication!!
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!

Bridgit's stunning smile is massive, as you will note by looking through these images.  But that's ok because it perfectly fits her massive personality, her massive heart, and the massive love that she has for Matt.  Earlier this week I changed my about me section to reflect who I am, and hopefully to entice couples who click with me.  If you've had a read of it, you may remember that the people I am trying to attract are "my people".  Well, Bridgit and Matt were one of the couples I had in mind while writing this.  They are such an awesome couple, which sooo much outwardly visible love, that its hard not to want to be BFF's for life with them.Even just looking back ...

Megan and Jeremy - Stunning Middlemarch Wedding
Monday, January 04, 2016
Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!

Wedding elements that I love...- A rustic wedding with awesome details- A wedding location that means something to the couple, be it ceremony, reception, or photo location- A day with no rain- A well behaved bridal party who are super laid back- And last but not least, a totally meant for each other in love couple...And at Megan and Jeremys wedding I managed to score all of the above.  These guys had their wedding ceremony on Megan’s family farm over in Middlemarch, and the view was stunning!!  Megan and Jeremy met through a mutual friend, and the rest you could say is history.  Jeremy says Megan is kind and caring, while Megan says that Jeremy is a fun guy to be ...

Shane & Holly - Married!!
Sunday, December 13, 2015
Amanda & Matt - Married in Te Anau!!!!

Shane and Holly were married last month down in Invercargill.  And in true Invercargill fashion the weather was a bit iffy, but the rain managed to mostly hold off while we were out and about taking the bridal party photos.  Shane and I used to play hockey together, before going on to the same high school as well, so I have known him for quite a few years not.  Not that I will admit to exactly how many.  I didn't get to meet Holly until the day of the wedding but it was pretty clear right away that they were a perfect match.  Anyone who knows Shane knows he needs a strong woman to keep him under control, and she also has to have a quick wit to keep up with his come ...