Charlotte & Lukus - Stunning Riverton!!
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Tuesday, April 05, 2016
By Still Waters Photography
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I've been waiting a while to shoot and blog this wedding.  However the blogging part has been delayed due to a nasty tummy bug.  On the mend now though, and just as well as I head off to to climb Mt Taranaki in the weekend!! 

Anyway, I booked Charlotte and Lukus's wedding AGES ago.  Like before last wedding season ages ago.  And I first got to meet them when they were both in the bridal party of another wedding I shot.  Booking so far out I knew that Charlotte would be super organised and have all the little details under control.  Well, with over 700 photos delivered I think it shows there were many details for me to capture, and their wedding was such a beautiful affair.  With the ceremony and reception held on her parents property at Riverton, it was a massive team effort to bring it all together.  And that team can surely consider themselves the A-Team because it all came together perfectly.  Even if they did have to have two attempts at putting up the marquee, aye Lukus...

So here's a handful of special moments from their big day.  And if you are have an eye for detail, love old school caravans, dig dresses with amazing backs, and are quiet partial to a super good looking couple then this blog is for you xx

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