Danielle & Matt - Married xx
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015
By Still Waters Photography
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Wow oh wow, where to start with this wedding.  Danielle and Matt were married at Mavora Lake just before Christmas.  Its was a beautiful bright blue day, there was a stunning bride, and a pretty dashing groom.  Not to mention a bridal party that scrubbed up pretty well!!!  You can tell just by the way Danielle looks at Matt that she thinks he is pretty special.  More than once I had to wipe away a stray tear that had found its way to my eye as I was capturing their ceremony.  Id like to blame it on hay-fever, but I think it might have been down to the emotion that was so visibly written all over Danielle's face. 

These guys were so much fun to photograph and I'm pretty sure it comes through in the photos.  Once we had finished with the bridal party it was off in a helicopter to the top of some of the mountains that surround the lakes.  It was my first time heading up into these particular hills, and boy are they steep.  Nothing like the rolling type hills we normally venture to just across from Te Anau.  But the views were amazing, and they offered something different in each direction. 

Nicole, Lauren, and the wonderful team at Vibrance in Te Anau once again worked their magic.  If you are looking for hair and makeup for your wedding I highly recommend these guys.

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