Henry & Ally- Married at last!!
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Friday, May 01, 2015
By Still Waters Photography
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At the start of last month I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of two of our very good friends. Henry was at school/uni with Mark, and Ally and I became friends through the guys.  When I was doing shift work in Te Anau it was great to have Ally as a friend there as she worked as a nurse in Invercargill doing shift work too.  Plus she is an extremely funny chick.  While other people were at work on a week day, if we had the same days off we could relax together and not feel like we were missing out on our weekends.  When my husband and I were married, Henry acted as Mark's best man and seemed to get him through his stag do reasonably unscathed.  And then when we had our first baby, Ally was there to bring round yummy baking and listen to me moan about my sore boobs (mummies, I know you're picking up what I'm putting down) and keep me up to date on the gossip.

As time goes on things change, as they often do.  And this change saw us move to Central Otago.  But these guys are the kind of friends where you can not talk to for ages, but when you do catch up again its like nothing has changed.  Thankfully Ally is also the kind of friend who can sit there and watch you eat an entire medium pizza by yourself and not judge...  Even when you then go on to order pudding.

I haven't actually been through and counted all the laugh out load moments that I seem to have captured, but it seems in every second photo these guys had a massive smile on their face.  And when I mean laugh out load, I mean through yourself forward with your mouth open as wide as you can massive laughing moments.  Take a look through and see for yourself, these guys made my job so easy.  And while you are looking, make sure to have a special look at Ally's wedding dress and her flowers.  The dress Ally wore is the exact same dress her mother wore on her parents wedding day.  Nothing on it has been altered and it just fits her perfectly.  Ally also dried and made the flowers and button holes for the wedding party.  She is a pretty cleaver cookie this one.

So sit back and have a look through.  Also take note of the wedding speech locations...  It just so happens to be the Bull Ring on Henry's family farm, where the entire wedding took place.

Henry, Ally, and wee Ruby.  I hope you had the most amazing day ever and that these images take you right back there.  You guys totally rock as a couple and I wish you many MANY fantastic years together.  Keep being awesome Team Monymusk!!
Kate xx

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Kate cartwright - What amazing pictures, stunning scenery and bride!! Can't wait to hear all about it, lots of love xx