Megan and Jeremy - Stunning Middlemarch Wedding
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Monday, January 04, 2016
By Still Waters Photography
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Wedding elements that I love...

- A rustic wedding with awesome details

- A wedding location that means something to the couple, be it ceremony, reception, or photo location

- A day with no rain

- A well behaved bridal party who are super laid back

- And last but not least, a totally meant for each other in love couple

...And at Megan and Jeremys wedding I managed to score all of the above.  These guys had their wedding ceremony on Megan’s family farm over in Middlemarch, and the view was stunning!!  Megan and Jeremy met through a mutual friend, and the rest you could say is history.  Jeremy says Megan is kind and caring, while Megan says that Jeremy is a fun guy to be around, who would do anything for you.  These are all attributes that I witnessed while hanging out with these guys on the day of their wedding.  Having shot over 60 weddings now, you soon pick up on what makes a couple work, and I can tell you that these guys are prefect for each other.  Megan has this amazing smile that never left her face the entire day, and the way that Jeremy looked at Megan just oozed love and it was pretty clear to see he adores her. 

But these are things you will all be able to tell for yourself after having a little look at the below images from their amazing wedding day.

I wish you guys all the love in the world!!!!!

Kate x

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Ray & Carol Grant - To Jeremy & Megan,
Congratulations on the nuptials, absolutely stunning and a day to remember. Everybody looks so pleased and where would one ever get a setting like that again. Your great uncle and aunty wish you all good fortune and luck for the future.
Ray & Carol
Murray and Carol Mason - Fantastic Photos, Fantastic weekend and just wonderful fantastic people.
Marilyn Ede - Absolutely gorgeous photos of a very happy couple. The whole day was magnificent and the photographer has done a wonderful job of capturing the essence of it all.