Shane & Holly - Married!!
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Sunday, December 13, 2015
By Still Waters Photography
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Shane and Holly were married last month down in Invercargill.  And in true Invercargill fashion the weather was a bit iffy, but the rain managed to mostly hold off while we were out and about taking the bridal party photos.  Shane and I used to play hockey together, before going on to the same high school as well, so I have known him for quite a few years not.  Not that I will admit to exactly how many.  I didn't get to meet Holly until the day of the wedding but it was pretty clear right away that they were a perfect match.  Anyone who knows Shane knows he needs a strong woman to keep him under control, and she also has to have a quick wit to keep up with his come backs.  In Holly I think he has truly found that.  On the day of the wedding she was such a stress free gorgeous bride, but she seems to have mastered a look that immediately pulls Shane back in line haha.  Something that isn't an easy feat. 

I can tell you guys are going to have some amazing laughs over the years, and plenty of awesome adventures together.  I hope you had the perfect wedding day and I can't wait until the rest of the photos arrive in your mailbox.


Enjoy, Kate xx

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Robyn Hellier - Awesome pics
Adina - AMAZING!!!!! Pics love love love
Congratulations again!! Welcome to the other side let the fun begin or end whatever you want lol